Confirmation Bias

“Confirmation Bias” is my participation as an invited designer, and was exhibited at Emirates International Poster Festival during Design week past November 2019.

The work is now part of the Festivals and The Culture and Science Association permanent Poster collection. The Festival has been a part of the “Year of Tolerance” program, and it was Organized by the Cultural and Scientific Association in Dubai.


It’s fascinating in how many different ways we have managed to communicate, since we are able to collect information, remember it and convey it. However one of the most persistent struggles of human civilization throughout our evolution as a species, has been the lack of our emotional control therefore our preexisting beliefs or hypotheses may push us interpret it in a biased way.  Polarization of opinion is present in all healthy,  democratic societies however confirmation bias may ignite emotionally charged debates or even to wars. In the same manner it can affect economies, science, religion, self-image etc which are the most predominant matter of the postmodern world. Confirmation bias is the eternal border between the truth and how our brain deals with the truth.