What’s on your mind?

The 3rd International Conference & Exhibition on Semiotics and Visual Communication took place on November 2017 and my role in the artistic supervision of the exhibition was consistent as well as the the participation with a poster.  The exhibitions theme was ‘explosion[s]: the global logo’ and a group of 21 designers and illustrators were invited to participate, interpret and come up with a ‘brand-logo’ for the explosion [as the predominant ‘logo’ of the 21st Century] and place it on an 50x70cm poster. In 2018 the poster has received a United design Alliance Excellence award in poster design competition

The 21st century has been marked as the era of information overload. An explosion of data (useless most of the times) that enhanced the digital social encounter, inviting or even luring people to visit one domain. We willingly become followers in a religion that has never manifested its principles but diligently receives and shares ours. As we are focused on how to distribute our own interpretation of our personal image, our brand of ourselves, we submit our lives into an Orwellian universe.