Culture of Seduction / I made you look

Urban societies emerge and thrive in a media infested environment where the evergrowing technology provides more and more ways to penetrate into our thoughts. The poster’s concept is focusing on the altered perspective of reality generated by the media’s filter lens as it’s easier for consumers to receive their messages and moreover to digest them as reality.  The phenomenon of diffraction is a metaphor to address the distortion of reality. In addition, youth is even more vulnerable to the seductive methods of media and by providing them false idols, readymade dreams and predefined goals, the locomotive of consumerism perpetuates its direction towards total control. The innocence halo now transforms into the symbol of target and gradually every prospect of opting out is sabotaged by the illusion of living free. We have already been hatched in the culture of seduction and the corrupted gods we have created, now persuade us, the willingly hypnotized consumers.


I have designed this poster responding to an invitation from the Cyprus Semiotics Association and Cyprus University of Technology to participate in the exhibition that has taken place in October 2015 in the context of  2nd International Conference & Exhibition on Semiotics and Visual Communication. The conference and the exhibition’s topic is Culture of Seduction (the seduction of culture). I felt great honor to receive the invitation as my poster will be exhibited among accomplished Greek and international designers. The poster has already been exhibited at the 7th United Designs, International Biennial Design Exhibition in Shanghai during December 2014, organized by  Fine Arts College, Shanghai Normal University, China & United Designs Alliance. The work has also been published in the Biennials’ official catalogue.

Moreover the poster has been selected in the winner lists of Hiii Typography 2014 endorsed by Icograda.